Promoting Economic Justice for Women

Lydia Mukami is one of the women human rights defenders in Kenya. She was threatened and assaulted for her activism to improve the economic wellbeing of women farmers in Mwea agricultural scheme.

Farmers have long decried the policies and management …

NGO CSW/Africa Events at #CSW61

The 61st session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61), taking place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 13 – 24 March, 2017, will focus on the theme of “Women’s economic empowerment in the changing …

On the Beaches of Bahia – AWID’s 13th International Forum

This is a blog written by a participant of the 13th International AWID Forum, supported by UAF-Africa, through a grant from the Foundation for a Just Society.

A little bit about me:

I always find it difficult to talk …

Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre (MWSC)

A government initiative seeking to provide employment to young people from disadvantaged and rural backgrounds turned soar when a young lady was raped and later murdered while undergoing training as a sailor.The reasons behind her rape and murder remain unknown …

Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF)

Location: Kenya
Summary: Kenyan courts have not been able to address rape and sexual offences properly due to inadequate laws
and ambiguous sentencing provisions. In view of the unprecedented and shocking rise in the incidents of rape
and other sexual …

Association “Engagement Citoyen”

Location: Tunisia
Summary: In 2011, UAF-Africa was the first African human rights Fund to carry out an outreach mission in Tunisia
while the revolution was going on. Identifying the need for women’s inclusion in post revolution
processes that would ensue, …