Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF)

Location: Kenya
Summary: Kenyan courts have not been able to address rape and sexual offences properly due to inadequate laws
and ambiguous sentencing provisions. In view of the unprecedented and shocking rise in the incidents of rape
and other sexual …

Association “Engagement Citoyen”

Location: Tunisia
Summary: In 2011, UAF-Africa was the first African human rights Fund to carry out an outreach mission in Tunisia
while the revolution was going on. Identifying the need for women’s inclusion in post revolution
processes that would ensue, …

Reseau Femme Espoir

Location: Cote D’Ivoire
Summary: Following the 2010 elections, conflict broke out in Cote D’Ivoire leading to the loss of thousands of
lives and displacement of people. With the proliferation of small arms in the region during this crisis, women
and …

Pastoralin’ny Mpiasan’ny Orinasa Vehivavy (PMOV)

Location: Madagascar
Summary: The 2009 political crisis in Madagascar began at a time when the country had to deal with the effects of
the 2008/2009 global financial crisis that led to the closure of many of the international and internationally …

Women’s Solidarity Namibia (WSN)

Location: Namibia
Summary: Between 2004 and 2006, numerous cases of forced sterilization of HIV&AIDS positive women in Namibian
public hospitals were on the rise. Through the Legal Assistance Center (LAC), 15 women filed a court case to
sue the Namibian …


Location: Sudan
Summary: Recognizing the growing need for information in dealing with sexual violence, UAF-Africa supported a group
in the Nuba Mountains to document and develop a gender knowledge base in Arabic. This was aimed at
tackling the knowledge and …