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Vacancy: Professional Service Provider

Development and design of Brand Kit including official logo, story board, brand manual and taglines of the global consortium of Urgent Action Funds (UAF-WHR, UAF-A&P, UAF-A and UAF-LAC)

Task: The global consortium of Urgent Action Funds seeks a consultant or firm with relevant expertise to design and develop the logo, brand manual and taglines of this consortium, through a collective process. It aims to develop a comprehensive visual line that will reflect in its style and aesthetics, the Sisterhood’s core values, principles, unique characteristics and different working contexts. It should offer a solid presence for the four organisations of Urgent Action Fund.

Application Deadline: October 12th 2018


Urgent Action Fund, Women’s Human Rights – UAF-WHR (U.S.A)
Urgent Action Fund, Africa – UAF-Africa
Urgent Action Fund, Latin America – UAF-LA
Urgent Action Fund, Asia and Pacific – UAF A&P

All four organisations of the Urgent Action Sister Funds actively operate across five main regions of the world, protecting and strengthening the work of women and gender non-binary human rights defenders at their most critical moments.

We provide Rapid Response Grants to women and gender non-binary/transgender human rights defenders across our five regions that urgently seek respite during times of threat to their livelihoods and their activism.

Urgent Action Sister Funds subscribe to the greater women’s rights movements worldwide, in our support to women’s rights activists striving to create cultures of justice, equality, and peace. We also collaborate on advocacy and alliance building in order to mobilise broader support for the work of human rights defenders throughout the world.

The successful contractor will be required to create (design, develop and test) a Brand Kit including official logo, story board, brand manual and taglines of the global consortium of Urgent Action Funds, within the designated timeline and will need to meet the following criteria:

Design Expectations

  • Provide concept of design and tagline with inclusions of the idea/storyboard behind the use of specific elements and phrases
  • Logo design to be presented in portrait and landscape, black and white and colour versions as well as inverted versions.
  • Create basic rules to regulate the use of the logo including in different backgrounds and colour palettes– the guidelines should incorporate template options for combining the Sister Fund logo with other partner logos.

Supervision & Quality Control
The Supervision and Quality Control for the Contractor will be primarily carried out by the Project Manager (UAF LA). The final product will be approved by the Project Management Team which include the four Communication Coordinators of each Sister Fund.

The execution process will begin with focus groups comprising selected individuals and stakeholders via virtual calls or individual meetings depending on the location of the successful Contractor. The intended focus groups to be consulted for the design and development process include the following:

  • Representatives of the Board of Directors of each Sister Fund
  • Executive Directors of each Sister Fund
  • Organisational stakeholders
  • Staff members of the Sister Funds
  • Communication Coordinators of each Sister Fund

Urgent Action Sister Funds will hold exclusive rights to all design and other work products produced under this Contract period. Should the Contractor require use of the branding elements in their portfolio, they will require written permission from the Project Manager of the Urgent Action Fund responsible for Communication area of this project.

Proposal Structure
Quotations should be structured as follows and provide complete details as indicated:
1. Company Profile (Board of Directors, Office location(s); key staff to be involved and
a. Their relevant experience etc.)
b. Understanding of the Scope of Work

2. Proposed Methodology / Approach and detailed Timeline with Deliverables
3. Detailed Cost Break-down
4. Sample(s) of similar work done
5. Proven experience of working with organisations from different contexts and regions and with non-profit women’s rights organisations.

Once a contract has been signed, within 21 working days, a mock-up of the proposed Branding Kit (Using publisher or PowerPoint) should be presented to Urgent Action Sister Funds.

For more information about the four Sister Funds, please read about our missions on our websites:

  • https://urgentactionfund.org
  • https://www.uaf-africa.org
  • https://www.fondoaccionurgente.org.co/
  • https://www.uafanp.org

All interested applicants should send their proposal in line with the structure listed above to uafsisterfunds@protonmail.com