Of an Africa where women and girls are leading change agents at all levels of society with full access to sustainable resources and opportunities -a world in which women and girls thrive.

Fund and catalyse initiatives that improve and sustain women’s lives.


Urgent Action Fund-Africa provides rapid response grants that allow women and women human rights defenders to take advantage of time sensitive windows of opportunity
to undertake strategic interventions that advance women’s human rights in Africa.

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What we exist
to do (Mission)
What we do to
create change
(Strategic actions)
What changes we expect to
see in the medium term
(Intermediate outcomes)
Our longer term
ambitions (Goal)
The ultimate change we
contribute to (Impacts)
To contribute to addressing systems, structures and norms that violate women and girls’ rights; restrict their access to resources and opportunities; and constrain their choices and agency, by availing resources and capabilities to enable women better organise themselves to confront injustices and discrimination and handle potential backlash.
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