UAF-Africa is a feminist, Pan-African, rapid response fund committed to transforming power relations through resourcing African feminists and womn human rights defenders and their formations as an act of solidarity.
We are a part of the ecosystem of feminist and womn’s movements in Africa and globally. In character, we are bold and courageous, proactive and responsive, creative and rigorous, curious, alert and agile, imaginative and grounded, consistent and reliable.
As a rapid response fund, we are ready, alert and agile so that we can respond and prioritise the urgent needs of womn in various movements.

Our area of expertise is our deep and ever-evolving knowledge, skill and experience in:

  • The contexts in which womn human rights defenders live, organise, work and do their activism

  • Urgent situations and urgent action

  • Collective Care and Protection

  • Feminist Philanthropy

  • Movement building

Collectivity and shared leadership

We share decision making and power because the collective is central to living a full and meaningful life. Change happens through the collective and co-creation as much as it happens on a personal level. Within this shared leadership, we are deeply conscious of our own power as a large, regional institution with the ability to influence donors, and to mobilise and distribute funding.

Cross Movement and Intersectionality

We seek out, embrace and welcome all womn committed to creating change for and with womn and for the African continent as a whole. This means that womn of all bodies, identities, sexual orientations, from all geographies, and with a range of dis/abilities are an integral part of who we are and how we move through the world. Further, we work with and across issues and identities as these are all interconnected and expressed as the daily lived realities of womn.

Openness, Knowledge & Learning

We are aware of and celebrate knowledge, learning and wisdom. We bring these values into UAF-Africa. Those who we work with are experts and specialists in their own areas of work. There is much for us to learn from our partners and friends.