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Urgent Action Fund Africa

Meet UAF-Africa’s New Programmes Director- Jean Kemitare

We are thrilled to have Jean Kemitare join our team. A brilliant African feminist from Uganda. Jean will lead our Programmes Directorate by providing strategic leadership and technical support to our programmes team. She will support them in fulfilling our

Repressing Feminist Activism Online

In 2017, UAF-Africa started working with Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) from Tunisia and Egypt, to explore their experiences with online activism.

We conducted a research through which 15 WHRDs were interviewed to explore their experiences of violence online. Looking …

How torture and intimidation is used to tame women’s rights activists on the frontline of Sudan revolution.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa is following the activities of women activists in Sudan and working with local women’s groups to document how the ongoing protest is impacting on women’s lives in Sudan. In this piece we recount how violence and intimidation

A Call for Feminist & Intersectional Approach to Women’s Economic Empowerment

The reality in most African countries is that women lead different economic lives to men and inequalities in economic systems and structures both at small to medium levels have great impacts on any country’s development. It is indisputable that addressing …



Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa), is a consciously feminist and women’s human rights pan- African Fund, registered in Nairobi, Kenya. Operating as a virtual organisation, the Fund boasts of strategic presence in Africa’s five sub-regions- East Africa: Nairobi, …

African Women’s Voices: 70 Years of Universal Declaration of Human Rights – How We Fared 

UAF-Africa continues to support the advancement of women’s human rights and groups at the edges of society. Our work with Women’s Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) affords us a glimpse into the daily struggle for rights and justice of women and …