Dzuwa is an online publication featuring innovative Afrocentric stories that explore the threads that connect self and collective care,
healing, and indigenous knowledge and practices. The publication is brought to you by the Feminist Republik (formally known as the African Women’s Human Rights Defenders Platform). It is an editorially independent initiative of Urgent Action Fund Africa. Our aspiration is to offer a bountiful repository from which African feminist activists may both draw and offer a steady supply of varied healing and wellness pathways and knowledge. All to embolden and support them in their individual, family, and community journeys of healing and wellness. The offerings in this publication are largely voices and expressions of African advocates, healers, artivists, organisers, academics, musicians and many more committed to the work of rights and justice. It is through the
political act of intentionally honouring, acknowledging, understanding and confronting our collective trauma that we may experience healing.