Our efficient and committed virtual team is what enables us to stay nimble and respond rapidly to crises and opportunities identified by those defending rights of women and trans persons on the Continent. By placing care and wellness at the core of our work we model within our organising the values of women’s dignity, autonomy and wellness.


We are honest, truthful, trustworthy, and principled and can be counted on to behave in honourable ways even when no one is watching.


We walk the talk, deliver on our commitments and partner with those who share our values, we are accountable to each other and to our external partners.


We respect and celebrate diversity in people’s identities and abilities in line with our ethics.

Professional rigor

We strive for excellence and integrity in all we do.

Working with a soul

We are an organisation that tends and nurtures the flame in ourselves and in others. We listen to silenced voices and are committed to working as a collective, with respect and empathy.


We work in the spirit of sisterhood for the good of our organisation, partners and those with whom they work.


We have our ear to the ground; we listen deeply to the voices of women, to people, patterns and power dynamics.