The Communications & Knowledge Management Portfolio is charged with reaching African women and providing them with the information they require to access our grants as well as other related resources, both in Africa and overseas. This is achieved through use of a multiplicity of platforms and channels, from social media to meetings and convenings. Through this program UAF-Africa has been represented not only on our partner websites but also in Msafiri, Oprah and The Leadership magazines, and through interviews on major TV broadcasting stations.

Creating and sharing information and knowledge in Africa is complex and challenging. Africa is multi-cultural, multi-lingual and African women themselves are not a homogenous grouping. Women in greatest need of our services are often the most difficult to access. Through the communications activities UAF-Africa makes common cause and mobilizes public opinion around issues of greatest concern for African women. In an effort to bring about societal change, UAF-Africa has worked with grantees to bring to continental attention and debate issues such as trafficking in women in Mozambique, the use of rape as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, breast ironing in Cameroon and peace-building by women groups in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cote D’Ivoire.

Through UAF-Africa’s strategies for information sharing, through building consensus and confidence, through advocacy and social mobilization, we have mobilized groups to support policies and their implementation among their leaders, communities, civil society groups, the media, donors and cooperating partners.


1. Visibility

Inform our audiences across Africa about the Fund and our activities.

2. Access

Using the most effective information means to reach as many women as possible thereby improve access to financial and technical resources.

3. Change

Use media and public information methods to influence policies at all levels.

4. Mobilise

Use our resources to strengthen the African women’s movement for greater.